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Key Terms Astrology False system based on the belief that human behavior is influenced by the position of stars and planets. Barnum effect The tendency to consider a personal description accurate if it is stated in very general terms. Behaviorism School of psychology that emphasizes the study of overt, observable behavior. Biased sample A subpart of a larger population that does not accurately reflect characteristics of the whole population. Biopsychologist A psychologist who studies the relationship between behavior and biological processes, especially activity in the nervous system. Case study An in-depth focus on all aspects of a single person. Causation The act of causing some effect. Clinical method Studying psychological problems and therapies in clinical settings. Clinical psychologist A psychologist who specializes in the treatment of psychological and behavioral disturbances or who does research on such disturbances. Coefficient of correlation A statistical index ranging from 1.00 to +1.00 that indicates the direction and degree of correlation. Cognitive behaviorism An approach that combines behavioral principles with cognition (perception, thinking, anticipation) to explain behavior. Cognitive psychology The area of psychology concerned with human thinking, knowing, understanding, and information processing. Comparative psychologist A psychologist primarily interested in studying and comparing the behavior of different species, especially animals. Conditioned response A reflex response that has become associated with a new stimulus. Control Altering conditions that influence behavior. Control group In a controlled experiment, the group of subjects exposed to all experimental conditions or variables except the independent variable. Correlation The existence of a consistent, systematic relationship between two events, measures, or variables. Counseling psychologist A psychologist who specializes in the treatment of milder emotional and behavioral disturbances. Counselor A mental health professional who specializes in helping people with problems not involving serious mental disorder; for example, marriage counselors, career counselors, or school counselors. Covert behavior A response that is internal or hidden from view. Critical thinking An ability to evaluate, compare, analyze, critique, and synthesize information. Cultural psychologist A psychologist who studies the ways in which culture affects human behavior. Dependent variable In an experiment, the condition (usually a behavior) that is affected by the independent variable. Description In scientific research, the process of naming and classifying. Determinism
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Key_Terms_1 - Key Terms Astrology False system based on the...

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