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Chapter 10 GQ: What is motivation? Are there different types of motives? LO 10.1 Define motivation . LO 10.2 Describe a motivational sequence using the need reduction model; explain how the incentive value of a goal can affect motivation; and describe how incentive value is related to internal need . LO 10.3 List and describe the three types of motives and give an example of each. LO 10.4 Define homeostasis . LO 10.5 Explain how circadian rhythms affect energy levels, motivation, and performance. Include an explanation of how and why shift work and jet lag may adversely affect a person and how to minimize the effects of shifting one's rhythms, including the use of melatonin. GQ: What causes hunger? Overeating? Eating disorders? LO 10.6 Discuss why hunger cannot be fully explained by the contractions of an empty stomach and describe the relationship of each of the following to hunger: a. blood sugar; b. liver; c.
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