ch 10 quiz - Quiz Chapter 10 1.Regarding the...

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Quiz: Chapter 10 1. Regarding the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, which of the following statements is/ are TRUE? A) Its effects include muscular relaxation and decreased heart rate. B) It is slower to respond than the sympathetic branch. C) It acts to reverse emotional arousal after emergency situations. D) All of these are characteristics of the parasympathetic branch. 2. _____ believed that having facial expressions and becoming aware of them is what influences our private emotional experiences, while _____ took this idea one step further and believes that “making faces” can actually cause emotion. A) James; Lange B) Cannon; Bard C) Izard; Ekman D) Maslow; Rogers 3. Which of the following can be used to reduce test anxiety? A) relaxation B) preparation C) restructuring thoughts D) all of these 4. You have been doing lawn work and trimming hedges in the hot summer sun, and have been perspiring profusely. You will have an _____ thirst that will best be quenched by drinking _____.
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ch 10 quiz - Quiz Chapter 10 1.Regarding the...

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