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POS 110 Exam2 Study Guide - POS 110 Government and Politics...

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1 POS 110 – Government and Politics Study Guide for Multiple Choice Exam #2 Spring 2008 Chapter 6 Know the following terms (definition and concepts surrounding it): · Political Ideology: a cohesive set of beliefs that form a general philosophy about the role of govern- ment. · Gender gap: a distinctive pattern of voting behavior reflecting the difference between men and wo- men. · Marketplace of ideas: the public forum in which beliefs and ideas are exchanged and compete · Push-polling: polling technique in which the questions are designed to shape the respondents opin- ion · Sample: a small group selected by researchers to represent the most important characteristics of an entire population. · Validity (with regard to poll results): how accurately a poll truly measures public opinion · Political values: basic principles that shape a person’s opinions about the role of government. · Political opinions or attitudes By what agents do people primarily acquire their party identification or preference?: We identify with a party based on our indi- vidual opinions on certain issues, events, and personalities. What is the role of group or association membership in the formation of political opinions?: ? A group or organization can pull together their finances and educational resources to promote and develop ideas based on their beliefs. Which persists longer – political values or opinions? Political values last much longer than opinions. Opinions have to do with specific people or events. What is the role of the news media in the formation of political opinions?: The news media investigates wrongdoings of politic- al parties and can help persuade people on news talk shows. What kinds of errors can affect poll results? : Selection bias which arises when the sample is not representative of the popula- tion being studied. Sampling error which is a polling error that arises based on the small size of the sample. Measurement error which is a failure to identify the true distribution of opinion within a population because of errors such as poorly worded ques- tions. Chapter 7 What are the differences in reporting by the national media versus the local media? : national media shows many different stor- ies that are important to the entire country in shallower depth while local media will focus on local stories with more depth. What is the role of newspaper reporting on politics?: The newspaper is the original source of news, they usually break all the big news stories. What has been the effect of the Internet on media and politics?: The internet provides free news and open discussion. Blogs and chats can help support or pester the president. What is the FCC and what does it do? : Federal Communications Commission. They provide licenses to radio and TV stations
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POS 110 Exam2 Study Guide - POS 110 Government and Politics...

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