Bio 1361 Test 2 Fall 2010

Bio 1361 Test 2 Fall 2010 - PRINTABLE VERSION Test 2 You...

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PRINTABLE VERSION Test 2 You scored 48.44 out of 108.99 Question 1 Your answer is CORRECT. All of the following processes could occur in a prokaryotic cell except : A) transport of molecules out of the cell through a plasma membrane and cell wall B) movement of RNA and proteins through nuclear pores C) protein synthesis from "free" ribosomes D) DNA replication E) energy producing metabolic reactions Question 2 Your answer is INCORRECT. The volume enclosed by the plasma membrane of plant cells is often much larger than the corresponding volume in animal cells. The most reasonable explanation for this observation is that A) plant cells are capable of having a much higher surface-to-volume ratio than animal cells. B) plant cells have a much more highly convoluted (folded) plasma membrane than animal cells. C) plant cells contain a large vacuole that reduces the volume of the cytoplasm. D) animal cells are more spherical, while plant cells are elongated. E) the basic functions of plant cells are very different from those of animal cells. Question 3 Your answer is CORRECT. Which of the following is false concerning the eukaryotic nucleus? A) The outer membrane of the nuclear envelope becomes the endoplasmic reticulum. B) Nuclear pores facilitate the entry/exit of ribosomes, RNA, and proteins. C) Chromatin in the nucleus consists of an assemblage of DNA and proteins. D) Nucleoli are membrane bound organelles in the nucleus. E) Lamin proteins line the inner nuclear membrane and provide regions of attachment for chromosomes. Question 4 Your answer is CORRECT. Proteins synthesized from "free" ribosomes A) function in the cell cytosol. B) function outside the cell. C) are transported through the endoplasmic reticulum. D) end up in the Golgi complex. E) function in lysosomes. Question 5 Your answer is INCORRECT. A newly synthesized protein has been incorporated into the plasma membrane of a cell. This protein would have passed through all of these structures, except : A) smooth endoplasmic reticulum
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B) transport vesicles C) Golgi D) rough endoplasmic reticulum E) No exceptions; it would have passed though all the above. Question 6 Your answer is CORRECT. Choose the incorrectly matched pair: A) Peroxisome: digestive organelle produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). B) Lysosome: carry out phagocytosis and autophagy C) Central vacuole: water-filled, multi-functional organelle of plants D) Smooth ER and Golgi: found only in animal cells E) Mitochondria: possess DNA and ribosomes Question 7 Your answer is INCORRECT. A cell has a heritable condition which results in the formation of defective intermediate filaments. What would be the consequence of this condition to the cell? A) inability to carry out amoeboid movement or form cellular projections
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Bio 1361 Test 2 Fall 2010 - PRINTABLE VERSION Test 2 You...

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