AAS 2320 - Fall 2010 - Final Exam Review

AAS 2320 - Fall 2010 - Final Exam Review - AAS FINAL REVIEW...

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AAS FINAL REVIEW – FALL 2010 1. Seven basic fields of Black Studies and the goal of each field. Black History i. Emphasizes the discipline’s stress on the indispensability of the historical perspective in the understanding social reality of the historical perspective in understanding social and human reality and the importance of the ongoing project of historical recovery of every field in Black Studies. Black Religion i. Represents the essence that desire of Blacks to be self-conscious about the meaning of their Blackness and to search for spiritual fulfillment in terms of their understanding of themselves and their experience of history Black Social Organization (Sociology) i. Has an importance of understanding Black social reality from a position internal to the culture so that the voices and interests of the people are valued and considered critically in any research and explore the possibilities in social reality for emancipatory, intellectual, and social practice. Black Politics i. Black Economics i. Penetrates every aspect social life such as social status to ideologies like nationalism. Black Creative Production i. Expresses Black life experiences and aspirations, is the conscious and unconscious aesthetic contribution of Black people to their struggle to rescue and reconstruct their history and humanity in their own image and interest. Black Psychology i. Focuses on the structure and functioning possibilities with the studies of the mind, heart, spirit, and personal and social behavior of Black people and assisting them to transforming themselves to be self-conscious of their mental, emotional and social liberation.
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2. Define Black Studies. The critical and systemic study of the thought and practice of African people in their current and historical unfolding 3. What is the difference between the two leading organizations in the field of Black Studies? *BSU and Us? BSU – advocated for a African studies to be established in a college curriculum where it would contribute to the admission of Black students. Organization Us – advocated for the focus of cultural grounding with studying and recovering African Culture and stressed that university need to recognize diverse cultures. A. What role did they play? a. BSU – with their activism on getting Black Studies program, helped San Francisco State University be the first higher level institution to have a Black Studies program. b. Organization Us – Helped with various universities to practice cultural pluralism. 4. Black Studies emerged with the help of areas identified early on that defined the course and character of the discipline. What were these areas and what role did they play? Afrocentricity –
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AAS 2320 - Fall 2010 - Final Exam Review - AAS FINAL REVIEW...

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