Hominoidae table - Hominoi d Species R a n g e Diet/Dent al...

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Hominoi d Species R a n g e Diet/Dent al •Y-5 cusp pattern on molars – valleys between cusps (peaks) form a “y” 2:1:2:3/2:1: 2:3 Social Organization Social Behavi or Reproduct ion & life History Locomotion Suspensory climbers broad torso, long arms, short legs Morph ology No tail shoulde r joint- flexible & capable of a wide angle of movem ent Brain- big, complex Primates tend to have big brains for their body size (which are metabolically expensive=evoluti onary reasons NOT to develop big brains, but selection has been pushing brain size Special Characteristics primates that have really high quality diets for their size have small stomachs and vice versa -longer front limbs than back limbs (humans are exception)-adaption to hanging from trees Lesser Apes S E A si a Monoga mous short post-reproductive life & shorter lifespan Monom orphic •Elonga ted fingers and short thumbs Highly territorial- eat a diet focused on ripe fruit (only a few ripe fruit trees in your territory so it’s worth the effort to defend it) •Announce/ sing to defend their territory— throat sacs (both males & females sing) Great Apes S u m at ra & b or n e o (A si a) Fruit eaters- it’s rare so they’re solitary primary social group is mother & infant - Subadul t males on their own- some stay in the subadul t size No estrus Inter-birth interval: 5 yrs (more like 7-8) Dimorp hic- Males 85 kg females 40 kg -cheek flanges (hard cartilag e) sexuall y selecte d trait Studied by leakey’s Birute Galdikas •Doubly Layered Water Technique: drink a little water with isotopically different hydrogen and oxygen and over
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for years, perhaps to avoid competi tion with other males for mating Sagittal crest in male skull • have shorter thumbs the course of the next 2 weeks, collect urine samples, track rates how fast you lose hydrogen and oxygen -- track how
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Hominoidae table - Hominoi d Species R a n g e Diet/Dent al...

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