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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 4 - THE HUMAN SIDE OF MARKETING RESEARCH: ORGANIZATIONAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES Learning Outcomes: After studying this chapter, you should be able to: • 1. Know when research should be conducted externally and when it should be done internally. • 2. Be familiar with the types of jobs, job responsibilities, and career paths available within the marketing research industry. • 3. Define ethics and understand how it applies to marketing research. • 4. Appreciate the rights and obligations of a) research respondents particularly children, b) research clients or sponsors, and c) marketing researchers. • 5. Avoid situations involving a conflict of interest in performing marketing research. Strategic Options for Conducting Marketing Research In-house or internal research providers • In-house research – research performed by employees of the company that will benefit from the research • 1. Centralized Corporate Research Department • 2. Decentralized Research Units • 3. Cross-functional teams – employee teams composed of individuals from various functional areas such as engineering, production, finance, and marketing who share a common purpose External or outside research providers • Outside agency – an interdependent research firm contracted by the company that actually will benefit from the research • Z&B’s research suppliers and contractors o Research suppliers - ____________ The Market for Marketing Research Research customers (research clients) 1. End users o Corporate marketing departments o Product (good/service) sellers 2. Intermediate Users o Ad agencies...
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