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Chapter 14- Basic Data Analysis and Pages 405-410 Learning Outcomes: 1. Prepare qualitative data for interpretation or data analysis. 2. Know what descriptive statistics are and why they are used. 3. Create and interpret tabulation tables. 4. Use cross-tabulations to display relationships. 5. Perform basic data transformations. 6. List different computer software products designed for descriptive statistical analysis. 7. Understand the basis of testing hypotheses using inferential statistics. What Do You Do With the Data Once You Have Collected It? o Seek to generalize sample results to the population of interest. o Techniques that allow you to draw inferences about the population parameters form the sample statistics. o o Descriptive Analysis- transform raw data into formats that make the data easy to understand and interpret; may involve summarizing, rearranging, ordering, and/or manipulating data to generate descriptive information; the elementary transformation of raw data in a way that describes the basic characteristics such as central tendency, distribution, and variability. o The purpose of statistics is to make data useful o The objective is to convey the “information” contained in the “data” to the decision maker. o Considerations in the choice of descriptive statistics to use o Characteristics of the data (the type of measurement scale used)- CH. 10 Ex. 14.1 o Recognize the information needs and capabilities of the decision maker. Data Coding Mechanisms o Coding- procedures for transforming raw data into symbols; grouping the various responses to a question and assigning numeric (or other character) codes o Codes- symbols assigned to raw data based on coding rules; numbers are most commonly used symbols to facilitate data entry and analysis processes. o
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ch14 - Chapter 14- Basic Data Analysis and Pages 405-410...

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