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Dhvani Patel September 27, 2006 Psychology 103 Chapter 2: Research Methods in Psychology h Research Process – can be divided into two major categories that usually occur in sequence: forming an idea and then testing it. h Psychological theories – an attempt to understand how brain, mind and behavior, and environment function and how they may be related. h Theory - an organized set of concepts that explains a phenomenon or set of phenomena. h Determinism - the idea that all events (physical, mental, and behavioral) are a result of, or determined by, specific causal factors. h Hypothesis - a tentative and testable statement about the relationship between causes and consequences. h Scientific Method - a general set of procedures for gathering and interpreting evidence in ways that limit sources of errors and yield dependable conclusions. h Public verifiability - secrecy is banned in research, other researchers should be given the opportunity to inspect, criticize, replicate, or disapprove the data and methods concluded from a study. h Observer Bias – an error due to the personal motives and expectations for the viewer; bias act as filters highlighting what’s relevant and what’s irrelevant. h Standardization - using uniform, consistent procedures in all phases of data collection; this is used to minimize observer biases. h Operationalization - the strategy for standardizing the meaning of concepts. h Operational Definition - standardizes meaning within an experiment, by defining a concept in terms of specific operations or procedures used to measure it or to determine its presence. h
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psych.chap_2 - Dhvani Patel September 27, 2006 Psychology...

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