Goals the goal of this course is to impart logical

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Unformatted text preview: topics depending on the interests of the class—e.g., description logics, ontologies as meta‐data structures, meta‐mathematical methods. Goals: The goal of this course is to impart logical concepts and skills to enable you to appreciate the formal beauty of classical and non‐classical logics. Rather than focusing on merely acquiring proficiency with those formal techniques, our aim will be to comprehend the unifying concepts and methods that structure of the field of symbolic logic—to impart in students an intellectual overview of the conceptual symmetries and unsolved conundrums of the discipline in order to encourage them to engage in their own creative explorations in logic. Homework: Homework sets will be assigned regularly from the textbook and will be discussed in class. The point of the homework is almost never merely to get the “right answer” but to develop a skill or to understand a concept. Typically, there will be quizzes on the previous week’s homework on Mondays. You can download a copy of a program LOGIC 2000 that accompanies the textbook from the UCLA website: http://logic2k.humnet.ucla.edu/download.html or search the UCLA website. Grading: The grading will be based on the qualit...
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