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Syllphi330 10

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Unformatted text preview: PHI 330 Advanced Symbolic Logic Professor Gary Mar PHI 330‐G: Advanced Symbolic Logic (II) Professor Gary Mar, Fall 2010 “A logical theory may be tested by its capacity for dealing with puzzles, and it is a wholesome plan, in thinking about logic, to stock the mind with as many puzzles as possible, since these serve much the same purpose as is served by experiments in physical science. I shall therefore state three puzzles, which a theory as to denoting ought to be able to solve; and I shall show later that my theory solves them.” — BERTRAND RUSSELL, “On Denoting” (1905) Lecture: MW 2:20‐3:40 Harriman 243. Office Hours: Harriman 243 (Logic Lab), Fridays 11:35‐2:35 and by appointment, M 9:30‐10:30 [email protected] or 631‐632‐7582. Prerequisites: PHI 220 or permission of instructor. Textbook: Kalish, Montague, and Mar, Logic: Techniques of Formal Reasoning (second edition), OUP. Content: This course continues the systematic development of the KMM system of natural deduction to the full predicate logic (Chapter 4) with identity (Chapter 5) and descriptions (Chapter 6). Additional topics include logical paradoxes, metalogic, modal logic (manuscript for new Chapter 7), semantic tableaux, Gödel’s theorems, as well as some experimental...
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