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oct 27 lecture - assume the assumption is correct The law...

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Theories and Derivability The Ideal Gas Law (PV=kT) The law is able to reduce the opaque behaviour of gasses into Newtonian mechanics. In other  words, a formerly isolated area is brought into an established framework. In short, the ideal  gas law fits all of the criteria for a good theory. A leprechaun theory wouldn't. We explain the  behaviour of gases by assuming an internal structure that's described by an already familiar  area of physics, and if that assumption gives us back the observed behaviour, then we can 
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Unformatted text preview: assume the assumption is correct. The law accounts for already known properties of gases, i.e. diffusion. The law also accounts for previously unexplained phenomena by explaining their mechanics (i.e. Brownian motion). In short, the deductive unification of a diverse array of phenomena. The IGL also predicts phenomena. Statements don't work. Terms don't work. Theories do! Yay theories!...
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