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Texas A&M University Zachry Department of Civil Engineering CVEN 444 Structural Concrete Design Fall 2010 Date Assigned: Tuesday, September 2, 2010 Date Due: Tuesday, September 9, 2010 Assignment No. 1 (100 pts.) For the reinforced concrete bridge system below: (1) sketch the approximate deflected shape, shear diagram, and bending moment diagram for the deck near the concentrated load and bent cap due to dead load and the 100 kips force; (2) sketch the locations for reinforcement in the
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Unformatted text preview: deck and bent cap; and (3) show the load path from the point load to the supports. 60 ft 100 ft A A I I I I I 5 beams @ 8 ft centers (two- 12’ traffic lanes) 8” thick pedestrian walkway – 8 ft. wide 20 ft. Ground Pier (typ) Bent Cap 100 kips 100 kips – halfway between beams 8” thick deck 40 ft Section A - A...
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