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1 Texas A&M University Zachry Department of Civil Engineering CVEN 444 Structural Concrete Design Fall 2010 Date Assigned: Thursday, November 11, 2010 Date Due: Thursday, November 18, 2010 Assignment No. 10 (100 pts.) Develop a spreadsheet to find the interaction diagram for a generic short column and design the flexural reinforcement for column B3. Required: 1. Develop a spreadsheet that calculates the interaction diagram for a generic four-layed reinforced concrete short column. Display the variables (see below) and the final interaction diagram at the top of the spreadsheet for ease of use and visibility by the user. 2. For column B3, determine if short column behavior or slender column behavior must be considered (kL/r < 22).
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Unformatted text preview: For this part, assume that the column is 24 in. x 24 in., clear story heights are 11 feet, k = 1.2 and r = sqrt (I/A) = 0.3 h. 3. Using tributary area and 1.2 D + 1.6 L design loading, approximate the factored loads (P and M) for column B3 at each story level of the building. State all assumptions and approximations. 4. Determine the size and reinforcement for column B3 at all story levels and verify its strength on axial load-bending moment interaction diagrams using the spreadsheet from part 1 above. 5. Show a view of the column from the foundation to the roof with the longitudinal reinforcement and all lap splices (you can neglect transverse reinforcement). h d 1 d 4 d 3 d 2 b f’c = fy = A s,3 A s,4 A s,1 A s,2...
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