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1 Texas A&M University Zachry Department of Civil Engineering CVEN 444 Structural Concrete Design Fall 2010 Date Assigned: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Date Due: Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Assignment No. 11 (100 pts.) From the previous assignment on the pan joist floor system design (HW#9), design the slab of the roof supported by columns (assume 30" x 30") without beams (flat plate construction). There is no need to increase the load for the panel which covers the elevator shaft due to the elevator's own weight. Limit your design to the frames along column lines 2. Neglect wind loads in this analysis. Required: 1. Divide the slab into frames suitable for design using the direct design method (column
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Unformatted text preview: line 2 for this assignment). For this assignment, however, determine the reinforcement for only one of the frames. 2. Determine the required slab thickness from ACI Table 9.5a (make uniform throughout). 3. Determine the positive and negative moments on the frames using the coefficients from the direct design method. 4. Divide the frames into column and middle strips and distribute the longitudinal moments to these strips. 5. Determine the reinforcement for each strip. 6. Show the floor plan and display the reinforcement for each strip. Show the lengths and bends of the bars based on ACI requirements....
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