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Homework No 01 CVEN444 Spring 2006 - based on the ACI load...

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Assignment # 1 CVEN - 444 Spring 2006 DUE: Thursday, January 26, 2006 At the beginning of class 1-1: RC roof beams (10" x 20") spaced at 10'-0" center to center, support an additional dead load of 30 psf. Code specified roof loads are 35 psf downward (due to roof live load, snow, or rain) and 25 psf upward (due to wind). Determine the critical loading (plf) using the ACI load combinations. 1-2: The compressive force in a column due to each service (unfactored) load are: D = 115 kips, L = 45 kips, L R = 15 kips, W = 25 kips, E = 52 kips. Determine the design load for the column
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Unformatted text preview: based on the ACI load combinations. 1-3: The frame shown is subject to the following loads: P D = 20 kips, P L = 30 kips, P w = 10 kips, and P E = 8 kips. Compute the maximum factored bending moment at the support based on the ACI load combinations. 1-4: The floor framing plan shown is subject to uniform distributed loads of: D = 25 psf, L = 65 psf. Determine the factored loading for each beam (B_), girder (G_), and column (C_) a) assuming one-way slab behavior and b) assuming two-way slab behavior....
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