Homework No 04 CVEN444 Spring 2006

Homework No 04 CVEN444 Spring 2006 - Beam A: A S = 2.0 in....

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Assignment # 4 CVEN - 444 Spring 2006 DUE: Thursday, February 9, 2006 At the beginning of class 4-1: For the cross section shown with the 3 different reinforcing steel areas, determine both the moment capacity (units of k-ft) and rotation ( N ) at: a) Cracking (considering the contribution of the reinforcing steel) b) Yielding c) Ultimate Plot and DISCUSS results. Assume 4000 psi concrete and Grade 60 steel.
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Unformatted text preview: Beam A: A S = 2.0 in. 2 Beam B: A S = 3.5 in. 2 Beam C: A S = 6.0 in. 2 4-2: Consider the cross section in Prob. 4-1 with a single #4 bar as the reinforcing steel. Calculate the cracking moment IGNORING the steel ( I g ), the yield moment, and the ultimate moment. DISCUSS your results....
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