Comparative Government 8.28.06

Comparative Government 8.28.06 - Comparative Government...

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Comparative Government Monday, August 28, 2006 The State, according to Max Weber (see yesterdays notes for review) Kinds of state Monopolies of violence Unitary state where authority is concentrated or centralized in a single set of national institutions The minister of education knows what each child is studying at any single moment Fr minister of education decreed measure to reduce school violence and hazing, and to ban the wearing of traditional female head scarves Federal system monopoly is broken down and shared between national and local institutions Ie. U.s. or Brazil Fed and state drug laws, conditions for capital punishment, although functions theoretically are separate. U.s., Brazil, India, Nigeria, large countries Consociational major parties given proportional share of all positions in state intuitions divide between different religions or political parties Columbia inn 1970s and Netherlands in 1970 a proposal for so Africa in 1980s and 90s
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Iraq Population apprx 27 million Per capita income GDP US$ 3,400
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Comparative Government 8.28.06 - Comparative Government...

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