Midterm_Summary - Mendels Two Laws Punnett Squares...

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Mendel’s Two Laws Punnett Squares Multiplication and Addition Rules in probability Dominance vs. Codominance vs. incomplete dominance Pedigree Analysis Mendelian inheritance explained by physical behavior of chromosomes Effect of linkage on inheritance Sex-linked genes Evidence that DNA is the genetic material Basic structure of DNA Precursors to Darwin’s theory - Aristotle, Linnaeus, Cuvier, malthus - Ancient Greeks, Hutton, Lyell, Erasmus Darwin, Lamarck, Wallace Theory of Natural Selection Role of the Galapagos and finches in Darwin’s Theory Post-Darwinian examples of natural selection in action Inability of evolutionary theory to explain the origin of life Darwin’s avoidance of an evolution vs. religious debate Arguments against evolution - Can’t be observed - No transitional fossils - Irreducible complexity - Only a theory - Can’t happen by chance - Violates 2 nd law of Thermodynamics Evidence for Evolution - Direct observations of evolutionary change - Anatomical and molecular homologies - Biogeograpahic patterns - Fossil record
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Why does it matter if evolution is true? Practical consequences including how we deal with agricultural pests and how we approach medicine
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Midterm_Summary - Mendels Two Laws Punnett Squares...

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