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The Discovery of Viruses: Scientific Inquiry Looking for cause of Tobacco Mosaic Virus - Determining what is causing TMV Viruses - sometimes covered in membraneous strctures - can have from 4 to thousands of genes - Viral envelope includes host and viral proteins - Negative-sense- need to make a copy/ complement for mRNA before synthesizing proteins - Positive sense- RNA that can be immediately used as mRNA Bacteriophages - viruses infecting bacteria Viruses are **obligate intracellular paracites –without host, they can’t live. Lytic and Lysogenic cycle Restriction Enzymes: specific proteins that recognize sequences of DNA and chew them
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Unformatted text preview: up. Used in molecular biology for cloning. Know the Baltimore Classification—but probably not asked to memorize it. Where do viruses come from?-From the first cells? Similar genomes between virus and host -No marker to phylogenetically trace virus (for bacteria, marker is the genome for16s). Viruses categorized based on phenotypic homology (DNA vs. RNA or ss vs ds). Ways out of the cell or a virus 1. Transformation: i.e Leukemia 2. Multiplication 3. Persistent infection: slow release of virus without cell death i.e HIV 4. ?...
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