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- What is RNAi? (Discovery of RNA interference important for cancer cure found by Mary Montgomery) - DNA RNA Protein - The RNAi step blocks the RNA from being expressed into proteins(?) - This experiment on RNAi was found in the Nematode Nematodes (25,000 species) - Phyla of roundworms found in most aquatic habitats, in the soil, in moist tissues of plants, and in bodily fluids and animal tissues - Possess an alimentary canal but lack a circulatory system - Reproduce by internal fertilization —allows for sophisticated genetics - Won nobel price in 2006 (but paper came out in 1998) for “Gene Silencing (Interfere and shut down a gene) - C. Elegans was the worm that Mary Montgomery experimented on - RNAi is attracting huge interest for seeming ability to knock out disease-causing genes (Current chemotherapy treatment is very crude) Cnidaria - Hwk: Why did the Cnidaria win Nobel Prize for Chemistry last month?
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Unformatted text preview: -Brightly glowing green fluorescent protein, GFP, first observed in jellyfish, Aequorea Victoria in 1962. GFP allows researchers to observe processes such as development of nerve cells or how cancer cells spread. Annelida-What it’s like to be a scientist?-Look at development and physiology in “extreme” environments-Earth is cold planet o 90% of Earth’s living Biosphere is <4 degrees C (because most of living biosphere is in deep water)-Virtual field trip to deep-sea hydrothermal vents-Ocean science research o Discovers new ‘life forms’ on Earth o Allows for new biotechnological applications i.e. new enzymes and other biosynthetic processes o Enzyme “Vent” does PCR-“Alvin” o Discovered the Titanic o Submarine is a Titanium sphere that has to handle pressure of a column of water 2 miles high (2 tons of pressure per sq. inch)...
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