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BISC%20300.Chap.08%20&%2009.NOTES - 8.4 GENERATION...

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BISC 300 Chapters 8 & 9 Notes Cellular Energy Derived from Chemicals Cellular Energy Derived from Light Please read all of Chapters 8 and 9. However, in my lectures I will only emphasize a few points listed below. CHAPTER 8 8.1 BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ENERGY GENERATION Fig. 8.2 Establishing a charge separation across a cell membrane. 8.2 SUBSTRATE-LEVEL PHOSPHORYLATION Review Fermentation Review Glycolysis Review Respiration 8.3 RESPIRATION-LINKED PHOSPHORYLATION Table 8.3 Electron acceptor s Fig. 8.7 Electron transport and ATP synthesis
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Unformatted text preview: 8.4 GENERATION OF PROTON MOTIVE FORCE 8.5 ATP SYNTHASE Fig. 8.13 ATP synthase 8.6 DIVERSITY OF BCATERIAL ELECTRON ACCEPTOR CHAI NS CHAPTER 9 9.1 PHOTOSYNTHETIC ORGANISMS 9.2 THE PHOTOSYNTHETIC APPARATUS Fig. 9.2 Photosynthetic light harvesting Fig. 9.4 Reaction center complex of purple nonsulfur baterium 9.3 THE PHOTOSYNTHETIC BACTERIAL GROUPS Fig. 9.12 Phycobilisome of cyanobacteria Fig. 9.14 Chromatic adapation of a phycobilisome 9.4 PHOTOSYNTHESIS WITH RHODOPSIN Fig. 9.15 Light-driven proton pump of halophilic archaea...
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BISC%20300.Chap.08%20&%2009.NOTES - 8.4 GENERATION...

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