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BISC 300 Chapter 12 Notes Roles of Microbes in Biodegradation Just as we study how microbes construct macromolecules, we must also understand how they are degraded. Why aren’t we up to our necks in biomolecules??? Introduction Van Niel’s postulates: Microbes are present which utilize every constituent part/product as a source of carbon or energy •Microbes are present in every niche 12.1 OVERVIEW OF THE CARBON CYCLE Fig. 12.1 Carbon cycle Fig. 12.2 Fate of major biomolecules Fig. 12.3 Catabolism of sugars
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Unformatted text preview: 12.2 CATABOLISM OF POLYMERIC MATERIALS Fig. 12.4 Composition of woody plants Fig. 12.6 Starch Fig. 12.7 Chitin Fig. 12.8 Cellulose Fig. 12.10 Xylan Fig. 12.11 Proteins 12.3 CATABOLISM OF LMW COMPOUNDS Review Uric Acid 12. 4 CATABOLISM OF LIPIDS Fig. 13 Phopholipase specificity 12. 5 CATABOLISM OF AROMATIC & APLIPHATIC COMPOUNDS Fig. 12.15 Lignin Aromatic hydrocarbons Fig. 12.19 Benzene catabolism Fig. 12.20 Chlorinated hydrocarbons Box 12.1 Recalictrant molecules Talk about RoundUp-Herbicides...
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