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Coms 226 Assignment 2 1. Main Argument: The food industry has a big part in Americans growing rate of obesity. This argument is a proposition of policy because the video is calling for change. Although it does give many facts about obesity and the food industry the overall point of the video is for people to have a different view of the food industry so that they change their eating habits. When people change their eating habits eventually the food industry will have to change their way of making food. This video encourages the government to change its agriculture standards, people to change their eating habits and food companies to better the nutrition of the food they sell. 2. Outline: Agriculture Subsidies 1. Government gets farmers to grow more of less healthy foods. a) Government gives U.S. a pyramid of what to eat but grows more of what is the worst on pyramid. b) The most money goes to unhealthy foods. c) The amount of food being produced is twice as much food as the U.S. needs. 2. Cheaper products like high fructose corn syrup and soybean oil are replacing sugar and other fats. a) These products make people obese but the companies feel the need to use
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Coms226assignment2 - M anya Maier Coms 226 Assignment 2 1....

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