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Theater Lecture Notes - Theater Lecture Notes...

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Theater Lecture Notes: Lecture1: -Character and plot are important in mimetic theatre, the character moves the plot. -Audiences respond differently to characters based on their own cultures and what they care about. -Theatre is the art by which human beings make worth watching ina certain time and space. -A good specimen is one you can learn about the nature of the species. -Worth watching does not mean you have to like it, it means you are rewarded by the production. -Good plot: choices are made by characters acting freely, behave coherently, so we can identify with them. -Critics look for certainties, possibilities, probabilities and distortions. -Distortions are violation of intent of script. Lecture 2: -Kenneth Burkes Dramatistic period. -Peripetia= reversal of fortune. -Hubris= a prideful arrogance. -Recognition= a change from ignorance to knowledge. Scenes/symbols of Hamlet: fall of statue, mirrors/glass, light/dark, rats, flood/storm, flowers, women. Themes of Hamlet: Sons avenging father’s death, rotting, readiness for death, play within a play, remembrance, madness, avenging/ cowardly tactics. Lecture #3:
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Theater Lecture Notes - Theater Lecture Notes...

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