Affrimative Action Asians

Affrimative Action Asians - Manya Maier/ Word Count: 1225...

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Manya Maier/ Word Count: 1225 The Debate Goes Ever, Ever On Racial equality and minority protection is something America has been striving for since the Civil Rights movement. Many believe that affirmative action is a necessary step to achieving racial diversity. Affirmative action is a policy that provides advantages for those groups who have been discriminated against in the past. The policy gives them a preferential boost in education, employment, health care and social welfare. The groups that benefit the most from affirmative action implemented in universities are African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. Whether it benefits Asian American minorities is in debate. Groups that are against affirmative action believe that it is reverse discrimination and that it is only hurting Asians since they are already successful in society, while others recognize a need for the policy in order to account for factors such as legacies and the model minority myth. The universities that have implemented affirmative action into their admissions policy have done so because it broadens the assortment of perspectives on campuses. Being around other races extends our cultural competence and awareness of the differences and similarities between races. This is a helpful life tool that colleges have come to value when deciding who they will admit. According to Dinesh D’Souza in the article “Sins of Admission,” this diversifying is done through a process called “proportional representation, a policy that attempts to shape each university class to approximate the proportion of blacks, Hispanics, whites, Asian Americans, and other groups in the general population.” The challenge is that Asian and white students get higher grades and score better on tests than most of the other minority groups. This
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means that schools choose the less qualified racially diverse students over the more qualified white or Asian students. This notion, termed “reverse discrimination,” describes the discriminatory practices that benefit minorities instead of the dominant group. It is this view that has been the foundation of laws like California’s Proposition 209 which
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Affrimative Action Asians - Manya Maier/ Word Count: 1225...

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