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ISB 202 Fall 2010 Exam One In-Class Review Exam 1 is Tuesday, September 28th . PLEASE: BRING SCORING PENCILs (No. 2) BE ON TIME!! (Anyone arriving after the first person turns in his/her exam will be given an essay exam.) 1. What is a major difference between “science” and "religion?" 2. What's the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning? 3. Do scientists know for certain how life began? 4. Organic matter is made up mostly of what three elements? 5. When did the Neolithic Revolution begin? 6. Who was Carl von Linne? 7. What are the four categories of macromolecules? 8. We buy more sucrose than any other sweetener. Is sucrose the “sugar of life?” 9. Most simple sugars are made up of the same elements. T or F? 10. Which is usually larger, an atom or a molecule? 11. What is "metabolism?" 12. Are electrons of an atom positive or negative? 13. Which is larger, sucrose or glucose? 14. Simple sugars can be in rings or ______. 15. Is there a gene for monogamy in voles? 16. Why do soil particles attract cations? 17. Chitin is an example of which of the four categories of macromolecules 18. Men and women look different, but how similar are estrogen and testosterone? 19. What hormone is primarily responsible for human libido? 20. In the system of classifying organisms, what kingdoms are broken down into phyla and then into _______. 21. How many “Kingdoms” are there according to your textbook? 22. What is the major difference between a prokaryote and an eukaryote? 23. Which can live in more extreme conditions, archaebacteria or eubacteria? 24. What organisms likely generated most of the oxygen we breathe? 25. Why is a neutral soil pH best for plant growth? 26. Are animals eukaryotes or prokaryotes? 27. Every cell is surrounded by a ____ membrane. 28. What can autotrophic organisms do?
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ExamOne_In-class_Review__Fall_2010 - ISB 202 Fall 2010 Exam...

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