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1 Marketing Research and Marketing Decision Support Systems / Discussion Questions: 1. Who the three major participants in the marketing research function? 2. What are the steps in the marketing research process? 3. Contrast primary and secondary data. 4. Distinguish among surveys, experiments, and observational methods of primary data collection. 5. What are the methods of collecting survey data? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method? 6. Explain each; then compare & contrast: a. Controlled experiments b. Surveys -mail and telephone c. Focus groups d. Secondary data analysis e. ZMET f. Ethnographic observation g. Data mining (internal) h. On-line surveys and focus groups What’s the difference between Primary and Secondary Data? Reading: Beginners Guide to Demographics Geo Demo Analysis Claritas’ PRIZM: form clusters such as “Shotguns and Pickups” Claritas’s PRIZM Geo-demographics: Census data, HH composition, income, employment, education, ethnicity, housing, purchasing data and Zipcode Formed 62 “Clusters” Descriptive Names: “Blue Blood Estates” “Gray Collars” “Hard Scrabble” “Shotguns & Pickups”-Cluster 44 44. Shotguns & Pickups - Found in the Northeast, the Southeast, the Great Lakes, and the Piedmont industrial regions of the United States, Cluster 44 is the least affluent of the R1 clusters. They lead the group in blue-collar jobs. Most are married with school-age children. They attend church and also enjoy hunting, bowling, sewing, and attending auto races link
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2 Other Syndicated Data
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