BioE 116 - Fall 2009 - Li - Final (solution)

BioE 116 - Fall 2009 - Li - Final (solution) - are largely...

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Sample True/False Questions _____ 1) Immobilizing growth factors reduces their half-life because of being anchored to a surface. FALSE. Immobilizing increases efficiency. Sample Multiple Choice Questions 1) The microenvironment is a key element to the design of a bioreactor. Which of the following are not factors of the microenvironment: F A) pH B) cell density C) reactor material D) cell type E) nutrient supply F) power supply G) local geometry H) A, C, F I) D, F J) A, C, G K) C, D, F, G Sample Essay Questions Question 1: A. In designing an artificial blood vessel, why is the endothelium an important component? (max 2 sentences) Endothelial cells that make up the endothelium in intimal layer of blood vessels
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Unformatted text preview: are largely responsible for preventing platelet attachment and thrombosis. Therefore, the endothelium is crucial to the function of the artificial blood vessel. B. What are the 2 most important mechanical properties of a tissue engineered blood vessel, and why are they important? (max 2 sentences each) (6 pts) Burst Pressure: the blood vessel must be able to withstand physiological blood pressure levels without bursting Elasticity: the blood vessel must be elastic enough to be able to deform and recover completely like elastic materials. This is important because pulsation from the heart causes blood vessels to dilate at each beat. Sample Math Question:...
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BioE 116 - Fall 2009 - Li - Final (solution) - are largely...

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