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BioE102+HW1 - b He is holding it with his hands clamped...

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BioE102 HW1 DUE SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 AT 10:00AM AT THE BEGINNING OF LECTURE 1) Do Problem 1.4 in Oomens et al. 2) Do Problem 1.8 in Oomens et al. 3) Do Problem 2.1 in Oomens et al. 4) Do Problem 2.6 in Oomens et al. 5) The foot segment is subjected to the pull of the two muscles. Determine the moment of each force about the point of contact A on the ground. 6) Challenge Problem Estimate the forces and the moment applied to a construction worker’s back when he is lifting a 25 kg frictionless spherical concrete mass with his body vertical to the ground while, a) He is lifting it only with his hands straight and parallel to the ground.
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Unformatted text preview: b) He is holding it with his hands clamped together beneath it and it is also supported horizontally by his body. (His hands are again straight) c) Compare the results and discuss. • All parameters should be estimated based on an average worker’s body and there is no unique answer. Use descriptive figures and clearly state your assumptions. • Note that this is a 2D problem. • There is no friction between the concrete surface and the worker’s hands. • Concrete density is 2400 kg/m 3...
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