As the energy increases the entropy decreases which

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Unformatted text preview: 1 J, , where p2 is the probability of finding a molecule in level 2. (i) (ii) Calculate the total energy of the system at equilibrium at a temperature of T=300 K (state A) The energy of the system is doubled with respect to the energy in part (i), and the system is allowed to reach equilibrium. Calculate the new temperature of the system at equilibrium. Answer: The answer is that the temperature is negative, which appears to be absurd. This is a consequence of the fact that there are only two energy levels that the energy can go into. As the energy increases the entropy decreases, which corresponds to a “negative” temperature. Although normal systems do not exhibit this behavior, there are some situations, such as magnetic spins, where there are only two energy levels and a “negative” apparent temperature can manifest itself as the energy increases. 7. *Consider the following distributions of molecular energy. (i) Which has higher multiplicity? Chem C130/MCB C100A. Fall 2010. Problem S...
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