Regarding the two distributions in question 8 we have

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Unformatted text preview: = N total × 1.299 Now calculate the ratio of multiplicities: ΔS W = ln( 2 ) = N total (1.299 − 1.204) = 25000 × 0.095 = 2375 kB W1 ⇒ W2 = e2375 W1 Now calculate the entropy difference: Chem C130/MCB C100A. Fall 2010. Problem Set 7 UC Berkeley Page 8 ΔS = 2375 kB ⇒ ΔS = k B × 2375 = 1.38 × 10 −23 × 2375 = 3.28 × 10 −20 J K -1 8.* Consider the following distributions of molecular energy. Which has higher entropy? Answer: Both systems have the same entropy because the numbers of molecules in each energy level are the same (therefore the probabilities and the multiplicity will be the same). 9. Regarding the two distributions in Question 8, we have not specified whether they represent the same system at the same temperature or not. Are these two distributions possible alternate distributions for the same isolated system at the same temperature? Choose the best response from the choices below, and justify your answer. (i) The two distributions are both possible instantaneous snapshots of the system because all energy distributions are...
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