Minimized chem c130mcb c100a fall 2010 problem set 7

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Unformatted text preview: rgy level is separated from the ground state by 0.5kbT, then the second energy level will not be occupied appreciably. True/False 3) There are many equivalent microstates corresponding to a particular energy distribution True/False 4) Which of the following deNinitions of entropy are equivalent for a large system: a) probabilistic deNinition b) thermodynamic deNinition c) statistical deNinition d) all of the above 5) The probabilistic deNinition of entropy is more accurate than the statistical deNinition for small systems True/False 6) After spontaneous heat transfer between systems, the overall multiplicity is: a) lower than it was before the transfer of heat b) zero c) maximized d) minimized Chem C130/MCB C100A. Fall 2010. Problem Set 7 UC Berkeley Page 14 7) The partition function (Q) is needed to describe: a) the volume of two gases on either side of a partition b) the extent to which many different energy levels are occupied c) how the statistical deNinition of entropy is equiva...
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