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ProbSet2_solutions - MCB100A/Chem130 Fall 2010 Problem Set...

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Readings: Chapter 2 (Nucleic Acids). Chapter 4 (Proteins). Chapter 3 (Carbohydrates) need not be studied in detail but you should know the basic facts about the structures of sugars. True/False and Multiple Choice (1) The tertiary structure of functional RNA molecules is easily predicted True/False (2) Which of the following is not a stabilizing force for the structure and stability of double stranded nucleic acids? a) base stacking b) hydrogen bonding c) disulfide bonds d) electrostatic forces (3) H-bond acceptor, H-bond donor, H-bond acceptor, Methyl group is the pattern of potential interactions at the edge of what Watson-Crick base pair? a) A-T b) G-C c) A-A d) C-G e) T-A (4) Genomic DNA can become deformed from its normal B-form by DNA binding proteins such as the histone proteins and the TATA-box binding protein True/False (5) What non-standard base pair is most likely to form a wobble base par? (6) Classify the following RNA structural elements as secondary or tertiary structure: (e) ribose zipper (f) bulge MCB100A/Chem130. Fall 2010. Problem Set 2. Due September 11. Page 1 of 15
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(7) Fill in the blank: 1. The ___primary____ structure of a nucleic acid is the sequence of nucleotides in the DNA or RNA molecule 2. B-form DNA has a C2’ __endo______ sugar pucker 3. Hoogsteen basepairs, where the bonding interactions utilize the Watson-Crick base pairing edge on one base and the major groove edge in the other base, can be utilized to form a RNA _triple______ helix. 4. Metal Ions such as K + ,Na + , and Mg 2+ typically interact with the __phosphate________ group on the backbone of nucleic acids. 5. The most common orientation of the base with respect to the sugar in a nucleotide is referred to as _anti__. 6. Simple sugars can exist in both linear and __cyclic/ring____ forms (also not that polysaccharide sugars can exist as linear and branched chains) 7. _chitin_______ is an acetylated polymer found in the exoskeletons of insects and the cell walls of fungi (8) Classify the following amino acids as (i) non-polar (ii) polar, uncharged (iii) polar charged or (iv) aromatic: I, K, R, Y, Q, L, W non-polar: I, L polar, uncharged: Y, Q, W polar, charged: K, R aromatic: Y, W (9) Which of the following factors is the single most important contribution to the stability of a protein’s folded conformation: MCB100A/Chem130. Fall 2010. Problem Set 2. Due September 11.
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