ProbSet2_solutions_M - side chains as well(side chains are next to carbonyl groups into packed structure making it less energetically favorable 13

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MCB100A/CHEM130 Biophysical Chemistry Problem Set 2 Multiple Choice Answers 1) False 2) (c) 3) (a) 4) True 5) (d) 6) (a) coaxial helices, (b) psuedoknot, (e) adenosine platform, (f) ribose zipper 7) a. Primary b. Endo c. Triple d. Phosphate e. Anti f. Cyclic/Ring g. Chitin 8) a. Non-Polar: I, L b. Polar, uncharged: Y, Q, W c. K, R d. Y, W 9) D 10) B 11) A, beta-Turn. Beta- turns are secondary structure elements in which the chain bends back sharply. This is promoted by residues that can adopt atypical phi/psi angles such as Gly/Pro. 12) Right handed. Left handed helix does not fit
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Unformatted text preview: side chains as well (side chains are next to carbonyl groups) into packed structure making it less energetically favorable. 13) a. False b. False c. False- At room temp. H-bonds can be broken, covalent cannot. d. True 14) a. False b. True c. False d. True (Q should read "Proteins may be comprised of a single domain") 15) a. True b. True c. True d. True 16) (i) myoglobin, (ii) hemoglobin, (iii) RNA polymerase 17) C 18) iv 19) a. Phobic, philic b. Quaternary c. Phosphotyrosine, proline rich d. Proline e. amphipathic...
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