CARD405_Week4 - 3(e 1983 3(f 500 – 1000 3(g I have seen...

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Career Research Assignment Please use the following table to respond to the questions within the Week 4  Assignment.  Question  Number Response  1. Network / Security Engineer in Florida 2. (a.) 90K plus 2. (b.)  Employment is expected to grow much faster than the  average, and job prospects should be excellent. Company #1  3. (a.)  PODS Enterprises 3. (b.)  5585 Rio Vista Drive Clearwater, FL 33760 3. (c.) 3. (d.)  Tom Ryan – CEO 3. (e.)  1998 3. (f.)  1000 3. (g.)  They are increasing profit each year – Growth is also high  which is requiring more support from the IT department. 3. (h.)  Portable Moving and Storage 3. (i.)  LinkedIn / Self Company #2  3. (a.)  Catalina Marketing 3. (b.)  200 Carillon Parkway St. Petersburg, FL 33716 3. (c.) 3. (d.)  Dick Buell - CEO
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (e.) 1983 3. (f.) 500 – 1000 3. (g.) I have seen several jobs posted on and in recent news they have been acquiring small companies to increase their market share in the digital coupon arena. 3. (h.) Digital and printable coupon technology. 3. (i.) LinkedIn / Company Website Company #3 3. (a.) Veredus Corp. 3. (b.) 4300 West Cypress St. Suite #900 Tampa, FL 33607 3. (c.) 3. (d.) Dan Rodriguez – President and CEO 3. (e.) November, 2000 3. (f.) 200 3. (g.) They are a consulting company that has seen amazing growth in the last ten years. They have many jobs posted and I currently work for them. 3. (h.) IT Consulting. 3. (i.) LinkedIn / Company Website / Self...
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CARD405_Week4 - 3(e 1983 3(f 500 – 1000 3(g I have seen...

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