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COMPANY REVIEW (1/28/2011) IPL Plastics Inc. Current Share Price $14.00 Market Capitalization: $103 Million (7.3 mm shares) Management Ownership 52.0% Industry Focus: Industrial Products – Plastic Molding Company Description: IPL Inc. is a North American producer of molded plastic products through injection and extrusion for various industrial sectors. IPL designs and produces packaging containers and crates for the agrifood, chemical, forest products, petrochemical construction and integrated waste management industries. It also provides high-tech custom molding services for the automotive, transport, maple syrup, telecommunication and defense industries as well as for various industrial uses. (for a full display of products, visit the corporate website: www.ipl-plastics.com) Founded in 1939, the Company employs more than 1,100 persons and markets over 400 products. The company operates over 110 molding machines, varying from 150 to 3,000 metric tonnes. Furthermore, the Company currently has over 75 robots active in the production process. It has three plants in Quebec, located at Saint-Damien, Saint-Lazare and Lawrenceville, with additional plants in Windsor, Ontario, and Edmundston, New Brunswick. IPL has a network of regional offices and warehouses across Canada and the United States. Industrial Products (47% of Revenue) Material Handling The Company has been involved in the material handling products since 1965. The company has a series of multifunctional, attached lid, nestable, plastic containers designed for distribution of retail goods including grocery dry goods, perishable , hardware, and clothing. The heavy gauge plastic construction is very durable, and the accompanying features were designed to support the demands and the needs of the warehouse and retail environments. Returnable containers have been proven to cost retailers less than disposable corrugated containers, in the right applications. IPL was the first company to eliminate metal or fiberglass hinge rods from attached lid, nestable containers, by molding the hinge rod into the tote. The molded-in hinges reduce cost, increase durability, and make repair and recycling easier. They also make containers 100 percent metal detector compatible, a critical feature for many food application. //home/vdimitrov/7540/1725a296698887918bed750570709b066e633b4d.doc 28-Jan-11 Page 1 of 7 Bissett Equity Research
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Waste Management IPL continually evaluates environmental problems and has devoted most of its 50 years of technical expertise to develop a range of products designed to meet the needs of municipalities and recyclers. Among these products, IPL offers the U.S.D. wheeled carts which can be used at home, in various types of housing projects, and even for office recycling. Automotive and Custom
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2002_Sample_Report - Bissett Equity Research COMPANY...

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