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Comm298 Company Report Your project assignment: 1. The project should be prepared by a group of 4 students. The final project should be presented in class and a written report (about 7 pages) should be submitted to the instructor. 2. Your company report should focus on a public listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). 3. The project report/presentation should include three major elements: a. Financial fitness test: i. Develop a financial fitness test score card to check the financial performance of the company of your choice. ii. Show that the company has passed the financial fitness test. b. Valuation of the company’s stock price: i. Use the dividend discount model as your main valuation model to estimate the appropriate current price of the stock. ii. Use the P/E ratios to provide a second opinion of your results in (i). iii. Your results should include the following: 1. The current price of the company’s stock. 2.
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Comm298_Guidelines_to_Company_Report (2) - Comm298 Company...

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