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C A P I L A N O UNIVERSITY COURSE OUTLINE TERM: SPRING 2011 COURSE NO: COMMERCE 298 INSTRUCTOR: DR. CS LUM COURSE NAME: INTRODUCTION TO FINANCE OFFICE: FR 451 LOCAL: 2523 OFFICE HOURS: Tues, Wed, Thurs 3:00-5:00 pm SECTION NO: 01 E-MAIL: CREDITS: 3 COURSE FORMAT : Four instructional hours per week COURSE PREREQUISITES : Second year standing in the Commerce Program COURSE OBJECTIVES : 1. Commerce 298 will give you a general understanding of financial valuation and quantitative analysis of corporate and individual financing and saving decision. 2. First, we will cover the time value of money and learn how investors determine the value of streams of cash flows that arrive at different times. 3. Next, we will examine capital budgeting or investing decisions and evaluation of those decisions. 4. Finally, we will consider fundamental questions facing investors and financial economists when we study risk. We will consider one or more definitions of what it means for an investment to be risky, and we will examine methods of valuing risky assets. REQUIRED TEXTS : Ross, Stephen A, Randoph, W, Westerfield, Bradford D, Jordan and Gordon S. Roberts, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 7th Canadian Edition, McGrawHill Ryerson, 2010. COURSE CONTENT : WEEK CONTENT READINGS 1 Overview of corporate finance Financial accounting overview – cash flows 2 Financial statements analysis Chapter 3 3 Valuation; time value of money; PV; single and multiple periods; simple compound interest
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This note was uploaded on 01/27/2011 for the course COMM 298 taught by Professor L during the Spring '10 term at Capilano.

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Comm298-courselist-sp2011 - C A P I L A N O UNIVERSITY...

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