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[Company Name] INVOICE [Company Slogan] DATE: 1/28/2011 INVOICE # [123456] [Stress Address] Customer ID [123] [City, ST  ZIP] Phone: [000-000-0000] Fax: [000-000-0000] BILL TO: SHIP TO (if different): [Name] [Name] [Company Name] [Company Name] [Stress Address] [Stress Address] [City, ST  ZIP] [City, ST  ZIP] [Phone] [Phone] SALESPERSON P.O. # SHIP DATE SHIP VIA F.O.B. TERMS ITEM # DESCRIPTION QTY UNIT PRICE TOTAL [2345678] Product XYZ 15  150.00   2,250.00  [2342342] Product ABC 1  75.00   75.00   -     -     -     -     -     -     -    [42] SUBTOTAL  $2,325.00  Other Comments or Special Instructions TAX RATE 6.875% 1. Total payment due in 30 days TAX  $159.84  2. Please include the invoice number on your check  $-    OTHER  $-    TOTAL  $2,484.84  If you have any questions about this invoice, please contact Make all checks payable to [Name, Phone #, E-mail] [Your Company Name]
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sales-invoice-with-remittance - [CompanyName]...

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