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Service Invoice - Excel functions glossary and guide free...

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© Copyright, 2006, Jaxworks, All Rights Reserved. Your Company, Inc. SERVICE INVOICE Name Address SOLD TO: SERVICED AT: Sales Tax Rates: 6.50% On Parts 9.50% On Labor INVOICE # MAKE OF EQUIPMENT MODEL # SERIAL # INVOICE DATE SERVICE DATE PARTS USED QTY DESCRIPTION PRICE AMOUNT 1 Product 18.76 18.76 8 Product 4.32 34.56 SERVICE PERSON DATE HOURS RATE AMOUNT PARTS $53.32 Name 07/13/00 12.0 $40.00 $480.00 LABOR 740.00 Name 07/14/00 4.0 65.00 $260.00 TAX Err:508 TOTAL Err:508 GUARANTEED 30 DAYS AGAINST LABOR AND TOTAL $740.00 MATERIAL DEFECTS COMMENTS: SERVICE SUPERVISED BY SIGNED
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JaxWorks Small Business Spreadsheet Factory Since 1996, JaxWorks has offered a suite of Free Excel workbooks and spreadshee documents, that cover a number of financial, accounting and sales functions. These Also included Free are: - business plan tools, including spreadsheets and excellent instructions
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Unformatted text preview: - Excel functions glossary and guide;- free training courses for most Microsoft Office applications. These guides are in PDF format and rival commercial books!- comprehensive list of acronyms, ratios and formulas in customer financial analysis, and financial terms;- suite of online calculators, including, breakeven analysis, productivity analysis, business evaluation;- Altman Z-Score (covering publicly and privately held firms, and small businesses);- and payroll analysis. If you are involved in financial analysis at any level, or want to learn more about MS suite this site is invaluable. ry ets, and associated MS Word, PDF and HTML are invaluable small business tools. Excel and other applications in the Office...
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Service Invoice - Excel functions glossary and guide free...

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