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2. I noticed a few of the fallacies in this statement. First there is a downplayer on Andrea Keene. It states that she has “selective morality”. Second it seemed like an argument from outrage. The overall tone seems to be in outrage. Third there is a stereotype against anti- abortionist. Finally, the end seems like a loaded question. 3. Abby seems to be downplaying widow’s sorrows. The last sentence seems to be a loaded question. No matter what the response to the question is this person will find fault. 5. This statement has a stereotype on “fitness enthusiasts”. It claims that people that exercise want to “have us give up to them for their own private use every last square inch of Walnut
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Unformatted text preview: Grove. This could also be considered as a group think fallacy. 6. I feel this statement has wishful thinking in it. It gives no evidence to support a completely hypothetical situation. At the end it has a loaded question. It would be impossible to prove any answer to that question. 8. This statement is not based on any stated facts. It has a fallacy of proof surrogate. 9. This statement has wishful thinking. It is based on hope rather than any facts. It would be impossible to prove that condoms are 100% reliable. It also stereotypes that all church denominations do not believe in condoms. Samuel Keister Ruthiesman_06@yahoo.com Central Standard Time...
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