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it 242 VLAN - I understand that many of your employees are...

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I understand that many of your employees are moving to different buildings or floors, but still need to review and communicate with the same type of information. So I feel that the best option would be a VLAN. A VLAN is a virtual local access network. This basically means that members of a specific group can communicate as if they were connected to the same cable. There are several benefits that can occur by implementing a VLAN. One benefit has already been mentioned, the ability to communicate with other members of the same group. Another benefit is that all the settings, security, and other preferences of the LAN are all implemented to other members of the group no matter their physical location. Also, members are able to move from LAN to LAN through a simple software change rather than having to unplug LAN devices and move them. One concern with this type of network is the fact that there could be a collision of packets or that the bandwidth will be used up too quickly. A VLAN must use a switch that is manageable in
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