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human resource hwk 1 - that added partners as eligible...

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Yadira Hammer Human Resource Management Amending Plan Documents to Recognize Same Sex Spouses As of May 2010, Five U. S. states and the District of Columbia provided licenses to same sex couples, compared to just one state in 2004. An additional two states recognize same sex marriages from other states. Due to this changes, employers need to be aware of their benefit plan and the way in which they define the terms such as spouse and domestic partner. If a company provides health insurance to opposite sex spouses, they are required to provide the same benefits to same sex spouses as long as the state recognizes same sex marriages. Now if the company spans multiple states, they are not required to provide benefits to same sex spouses because the company is only subject to federal oversight under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act(ERISA). For years employers could provide spousal equivalent benefits to same sex partners through a domestic partner benefits program. That meant that employers would make only one plan amendment
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Unformatted text preview: that added partners as eligible dependents for benefits. The apparent problem is how we define "spouse", employers need to review their existing benefit plan documents to ensure that benefits are fully available to same sex spouses and partners. The definitions of the word spouse differs from company to company. Spouse can be defined as your legally married spouse as recognize under applicable state law. Under that definition is not really clear of the state law, like employees state of residence, or state of employment or state of marriage certificate? Just not clear. In order for a company to maintain a high performance work system company's need to be made more aware of the people who are working for them, the people who make the company profitable. As an employer they need to make sure that the employees are happy with the company. An employee who is not happy with the employer can bring the entire company down. We are all humans and we should treat all as that....
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human resource hwk 1 - that added partners as eligible...

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