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Yadira Hammer social demographyhomework

Yadira Hammer social demographyhomework - One can also see...

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Yadira Hammer Social Demography 1. Turkey 2000 the population does not live pass 85 yrs. Germany 2000 population lives up to 95 yrs. Turkey 2025 the population of 0 to 45 is very consistent of 3.2 millions. Germany 2025 the same age group is that of 1.06 million. Turkey 2025 age of 55 decreases while Germany increases to 3.2 million. Turkey 2050 the population aged from 0 to 65 is consistent, more than 2.4 million but a bit less than 3.2 million. Germany population is a lot lower, their population is content with only 1.6 millions. 2. Just because at the age of 18 one is eligible to vote does not mean that one will be registered to vote. A 18 year old person can be registered to vote and not vote. By looking at figure 2 we can see that people who do not have a high school diploma have the lowest percentage of voting.
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Unformatted text preview: One can also see that the more education people have the higher the voting percentage. The more education people have the easier it is to understand politics and the topics that matter to them. Also they become aware of why it is important to vote. Also the older we are the more stable we become. Younger people may move and when one moves one has to go through the registering process of voting at the new state. The figure 2 shows the pattern of regardless the background the older one is the higher the voting percentage. The pattern indicates that people with who have little education do not vote, but regardless of education older people tend to vote at a higher percentage....
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