Social Demography midterm

Social Demography midterm - Yadira Hammer Soci 3353 A By...

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Yadira Hammer Soci 3353 A. By studying population we can determine if there is population growth or if there is a decline in population. When population changes the world has to change and adapt. Some changes that occur are socially and technological changes. Socially, if the population growth is rapid there can be a time where society may run a risk of having too many young people, . Technology has connected us all. Another example of rapid growth of population is the degradation of our environment, at the rate we are going we can run out of resources. Medical advances have made it possible for people to live longer by finding cures for diseases like cancer. B. Fertility, mortality, and migration are called the population process. I have been affected by fertility because I have one child and even thought I would like to have another one my husband is not capable. I feel sad for the kids that are born to families that do not want them and therefore are mistreated. At the age of 12 my family migrated to Georgia due to job opportunities available for my parents. I migrated again to Lawton because of my husband's job. Mortality has not affected me too close. I have not been around when family members have passed away. I was scared of my husband dying all three times he went to Iraq. C. Tobacco has been linked to multiple diseases that can cause death including lung disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease. The diet a person has and the activities that a person does can also be considered a cause of death, for example consuming high cholesterol and high sodium foods can cause a person to get diabetes and heart conditions that can lead to death. Drinking alcohol in large quantities will cause car accidents and will cause health issues such as cirrhosis of the liver that will lead to death. Real can be the reason that leads to death. These are reasons that society can do something about like enact laws.
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1. Within our modern theories we have two different perspectives. The first perspective is the
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Social Demography midterm - Yadira Hammer Soci 3353 A By...

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