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Case study 1 - Yadira Hammer BMGT 1327 Society of Equals...

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Yadira Hammer BMGT 1327 Society of Equals Society of Equals is about a junior executive who is innovative and is eager to have better communication with the employees below him. He feels that the employees can help the company with their ideas if they are only able to communicate the ideas to the executives. With that in mind the junior executive got rid of all of the standard furnishings in his office and brought in a round cafeteria style table. The idea did not go well with the top executives and the junior executive office was changed back to its original set up. 1. How would you characterize the culture in this company? What are the dominant values? The culture in this company is the Consistency culture because the top executives do not want to take risks. The consistency culture follows the rules of rational and orderly way of doing things. I think Ted has the hero value because he had the attributes of thinking outside the box for ideas to better the company and other employees looked up to him. Another value in the case study is story value
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