9-23 - Chimps can make tools by changing a natural object...

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Anthropology 1001 September 23, 2009 Physical Characteristics: Primarily Chimps Physically similar to humans Social Behaviors: Kinds, Core Group, Eating, Sleeping, Grooming Sleep on carefully woven platform Chimps are nomadic, travel 2-6 miles a day Chimps Noisy and excited to calm Largely vegetarian Mostly fruit After eating they groom in groups and then separate Mutual grooming removes dried skin Enjoy physical contact Father is absent from family unit Other groups signal arrival by hooting Male puts on a charging display (Bluffing) They build sleeping nests high up in tree. Only takes about 5 minutes to build a bed Bananas allowed Jane to get chimps into her camp Baboon went for chimp that was scared 6mo. Flint learns to ride on mom’s back Flow is quite affectionate and serves as a role model for FiFi At 6 y/o FiFi is quite dependent on her mother. FiFi begins to cry Male did a rain dance Baboons eat termites that are above the nest. Chimps will dig for them
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Unformatted text preview: Chimps can make tools by changing a natural object to be useful They are intensely curious, often afraid of the unfamiliar If they loose their fear, they can become dangerous Mom carries dead baby for 3 days Flint became violent when Flow wouldn’t carry him. Flow has fling. Flint still wanted attention and Flow gave in to his demands Life expectancy- 40-50 years Baboons outnumber chimps 2:1 Territoriality is a trait Human’s behavior more noticeable (Male Gang Violence) She continually studies family behavior. One mother killed 10 chimps over 4 years Non-verbal interaction between Mother and Child What did Jane discover that rocked the scientific world? That chimps could make and use tools What did Jane discover that shocked/stunned the scientific community? Chimps will occasionally eat meat. They will kill young antelope and other small prey Usually they only eat what they kill themselves...
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9-23 - Chimps can make tools by changing a natural object...

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