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10-5 - -The smallest of all primates(Range from 2 oz to...

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Anthropology 1001 October 5, 2009 All primates are able to brachiate but the gibbons have long, curved, hands Primate Dental Characteristics Dental Formula- standardized way of describing dentition ADULT FORMULA NWM: Maxilla Mandible 1 st Position # of Incisors 2 nd Position # of Canines 3 rd Position # of Pre-Molars 4 th Position # of Molars OWM/Apes/Humans: Maxilla Mandible Primate Terms Sexual dimorphism- differences in characteristics between males and females of the same species Size, Color, Shape (Ex: Peacock) Some Primate Color differences (Snout colors) Mainly size and shape differences in primates Humans have a low degree of sexual dimorphism Prosimians Old World Monkey (OWM) Prosimian Characteristics -“Primitive”-retain more general mammal characteristics than primate characteristics. They tend to have longer snouts.
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Unformatted text preview: -The smallest of all primates (Range from 2 oz to 8-9lbs)-Post-Orbital bar-lateral ridge of bone in the eye orbit-Dental Comb-dental specialization that refers to the anterior projection of the mandibular incisors (Front teeth on bottom jaw stick out) (Used for Grooming and feeding)-Grooming Claw- A specialized digit (Usually the 2 nd or 3 rd finger on forelimb) used for grooming and primarily feeding-Shorter gestation and maturation periods Lemurs Island of Madagascar Range in Size from Mouse Lemur to Sifaka They are endangered. 1/3 of the ones that have existed are now extinct Lorises Bush Baby and Slow Loris Found in Southern Asia and Africa Nocturnal Very flexible and mobile wrists joints They can remain still for hours at a time Distinct vocalizations Use smell more than sight...
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10-5 - -The smallest of all primates(Range from 2 oz to...

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